Advanced NoSam Cutter Vs Plasma Drill: Which Is The Best?

When it comes to tackling tough jobs in the construction, automotive, or even aerospace industries, there is no question that two of the most reliable and handy tools to have around are the advanced NoSam Cutter and the Plasma Drill. Though both of these tools allow for easy and accurate cutting of various materials, there are subtle yet significant differences between them that must be considered before making a purchasing decision. In this article, we will compare the advanced NoSam Cutter vs the Plasma Drill to see which one is better suited for your application, looking at their advantages, differences in price, running costs, and maintenance requirements.

Comparing Advanced NoSam Cutter vs Plasma Drill

Comparing advanced NoSam Cutter and Plasma Drill technologies can be a daunting task, as they are both sophisticated and powerful machining systems. From the initial overview to the costing characteristics, these two options offer their own unique advantages and differences that may present the right choice for your particular project. In this section, we will provide a comprehensive look into both NoSam Cutter and Plasma Drill, outlining the merits of each, the pricing differences and the maintenance requirements. Ultimately, we want to give you the information to make the best choice for your machining needs.

Overview of NoSam Cutter and Plasma Drill

Advanced NoSam Cutters and Plasma Drills are two of the most popular tools available for precision cutting in heavy-duty industrial settings. While these technologies have similar aims, they differ significantly in the way they are used and the types of jobs they can handle.

NoSam Cutters are power tools specifically designed for the efficient and accurate cutting of hard and soft materials. These highly-specialized tools feature a combined gas and electrical cutting torch that uses high-temperature oxygen or fuel to cut through metals, plastics and other specialized materials. The ultra-fine NoSam Cutting system is able to accurately respond to the dimensions of the material being cut due to a dynamic guidance system. This kind of accuracy and speed has made NoSam Cutters a go-to choice for industries like aerospace, automotive and defense that require precision cutting for complex designs and materials.

Plasma Drills are power tools designed to efficiently and accurately cut through thick and hard materials, such as stainless steel and other metals. The drill head is equipped with a highly-advanced variable speed plasma arc generator which provides a high-temperature arc to quickly dissect and hollow out materials. Unlike the NoSam Cutter, the Plasma Drill does not require a gas or electrical source – it is powered by a supply of inert gas referred to as plasma gas, which is pre-installed in the machine. The Plasma Drill is ideal for industrial situations that require quick and accurate cutting of thick and hard materials.

Advantages of NoSam Cutter

NoSam Cutters are highly specialized tools and offer a number of distinct advantages. For example, the cutting head of a NoSam Cutter is equipped with a universal, three-axis SMA (Stepper Motor Adaptor) control which provides incredibly precise motion control for even demanding cutting tasks. This allows NoSam Cutters to be used for high-precision cutting on materials like steel and aluminum, as well as softer materials such as foam and plastic. Additionally, the NoSam Cutter can be used to cut intricate shapes such as those used in jewelry and other small objects.

NoSam Cutters also feature a dual-function cutting torch that can be used with either pure oxygen or gas mixed with oxygen. The addition of gas mixed with oxygen allows NoSam Cutters to work on materials such as stainless steel with great accuracy. Moreover, NoSam Cutters have the ability to pierce through most materials with ease, allowing them to work on a wide variety of jobs.

Finally, NoSam Cutters are automated and self-contained systems, so they don’t require any external power sources or additional components in order to operate. This makes them well-suited for difficult or remote applications.

Advantages of Plasma Drill

Plasma Drills are popular for industrial cutting applications thanks to their advanced variable speed plasma arc generator. This technology allows users to adjust the arc speed, travel speed, and diameter of the cutting arc depending on their materials and purposes. Some advantages of plasma drills over NoSam Cutters include:

1. Heat Control: Plasma Drills are able to provide a more delicate and consistent cutting action, allowing for better heat control. This makes them ideal for more sensitive or delicate materials and applications.

2. Reduced Vibrations: Plasma Drills feature a special arc-lightening technology that reduces vibrations during the cutting process. This enables the drill to cut faster, smoother, and more accurately.

3. Longer Lasting Consumables: Plasma Drills are equipped with long-lasting consumables, such as electrodes and nozzles. This helps to reduce the need to replace parts, resulting in greater efficiency and less downtime.

Overall, Plasma Drills offer industrial users with numerous advantages when cutting materials, allowing them to achieve greater precision, accuracy, and efficiency. With their advanced technology, they are able to provide a consistent and reliable cutting performance that is ideal for many industrial applications.

Differences in Price Range

NoSam Cutters and Plasma Drills can vary widely in terms of price range. NoSam Cutters are generally more expensive, with a starting price of around $3,000 and advanced models reaching the five- and six-digit mark. Plasma Drills, however, start around $1,000 and are usually more budget-friendly. Here’s a breakdown of the differences in price range:

• NoSam Cutters: From $3,000 – tens of thousands.
• Plasma Drills: From less than $1,000 – several thousand.

It’s important to note that the two types of tools may come with additional features and capabilities which can impact price. For example, the NoSam Cutter X2 Lite includes an advanced laser guidance system for increased accuracy, and the plasma drill Tango 4 has a special “soft start” feature that gives more control at lower speeds.

When considering which tool is a better investment, it’s also important to look at the overall cost of ownership, which includes not only the initial price tag but also the ongoing running costs and maintenance requirements. Running costs will vary based on the model and type of power source being used, while maintenance for both NoSam Cutters and Plasma Drills usually involve regular check-ups and occasional parts or consumables replacement.

Running Costs

NoSam Cutters and Plasma Drills may require different levels of maintenance depending on the usage, environment, and other factors. Here’s a list of some of the more typical maintenance requirements for both tools:

NoSam Cutters:
– Cleaning of inner parts
– Scheduled cutting torch and cable replacement
– Maintenance of motor/gearbox components
– Coolant/water replacement

Plasma Drills:
– General maintenance and calibration for plasma arc generator
– Routine replacement of parts, such as spark plugs, nozzles and electrodes
– Inspection and adjustment of air flow, pressure and nozzle direction
– Regular check-up of operational control system

With any tool, running costs can also add up quickly. Factors like energy consumption, fuel costs, and year-over-year changes to consumables should all be taken into account. Additionally, periodic servicing may be needed to keep all components in good working condition and to ensure safe operation. Regular lubrication and dirt treatment can help prolong the life of the drill and help keep cutting performance and accuracy at peak levels.

Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance of both NoSam Cutters and Plasma Drills is essential for safe, effective use over time. Regular servicing and lubrication are key; here are some maintenance tips to ensure both tools remain in top working order.

  • Clean regularly – dust and debris can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the blades and bits, resulting in inaccurate cutting and higher replacement costs.
  • Inspect and replace parts – check for signs of excessive wear and tear, such as damage or excessive heat build-up, and replace parts as needed.
  • Replace consumables – consumables such as cutting torches and bits must be changed regularly to ensure the tool operates optimally.
  • Lubricate parts – lubricate all parts of the cutting tool at least every six months to avoid corrosion and excessive wear.
  • Check alignment – regular alignment of the tools is necessary to maximize its effectiveness in cutting, as well as to ensure safety.

By following these steps and carrying out regular maintenance and servicing, the life and quality of the NoSam Cutter and Plasma Drill can be extended considerably. This means more efficient and accurate cutting, as well as fewer parts and replacements.


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In conclusion, both the advanced NoSam Cutter and Plasma Drill offer distinct advantages and features for different industrial applications. When deciding between the two, it is important to consider the pricing, maintenance requirements, and running costs of each tool. Ultimately, no single tool is a perfect match for all jobs, so careful analysis of the pros and cons of each power tool is important to make the right decision.